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As our customer, you want to make sure to buy the right quality. You

surely want to fulfill the legal requirements, the safety standards,

environmental policies, the social standards and of course comply

with the needs of your customers - we want that too. The following

regulations are (depending on the article) already taken into

account in the manufacturing process and controls.




With publication of this catalogue, all former

offers become invalid. All prices, offers, order

confirmations and invoices are based on our

terms and conditions, without these any need to

be mentioned separately. Technical and colour

changes are reserved. All in this catalogue

indicated measurements are approximate. All

prices are subject to change, especially when

import items are concerned. Plus packaging and


Colour variations of 10-15 % according to PMS/

HKS colour specifications are within the tolerance

range and do not entitle to complaints.

Exclusive of VAT. All shown brands, logos and

lettering are for demonstration purposes only

and belong to the corresponding owner. All items

have to be understood without any photographic

decorations, unless exlpicitely mentioned. Items

with applied registered trademarks can only be

delivered if the ordering end customer is entitled

to do so. By ordering this is confirmed and all

responsibilty will be taken for resulting legal


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Your irreplaceable & sustainable part of a successful marketing mix

Haptic marketing tools – touch and feel, practically support, stay in mind and delight - every day.

Subsequently transparently prepared in figures from representative studies on haptic advertising.


Of the questioned people say that advertising or promotion-

al items are supporting a brand´s or companies recognition.



What do the recipients of promotional products expect? In

the ranking With a score of 1.4 on the scale are functions and

utility use. (Source DIMA Advertising article study 2011)


In contrast to TV commercials (66%) and advertising in the

mailbox (78%), only 21% of the interviewees feel annoyed

by advertising articles. (Source: Advernomics, representa-

tive Study on Advertising Efficiency, 2005)


Euro were spent by companies in 2014 for promotional items.

Source: GWW 2014 (in Germany)


The recipient of promotional items can still remember the

brand, slogan later. (Advernomics, representative study on

advertising effectiveness, 2005


Months is the average an advertising article remains in the

hand of the receiver. This confirms the promotional article

as a long-term buyer. (Source: ASI Study 2008 & ASI Study



Almost half (48%) of German companies use promotional

items. (Source: GWW, 2014


Of the interviewees were at the time of the survey in posses-

sion of an advertising article and could also be spontaneous

remember on. (Source DIMA Werbeartikelstudie 2011 & ASI

study 2015


Advertising articles reach 88% of the population as of age

14. No other medium can keep up. (Source DIMA Advertising

article study)2011)


Compliance & conformity are important parts of the

advertising item.