Plant-a-tree – – for saving the planet Order now - we place the Plant-a-Tree Sticker on the product or the packaging - your customer can plant up to 3 trees (native spruce) and help to save the planet and compensate CO2. t hanxx® „Plant a tree“ 100 200 300 500 1000 1,05 1,04 1,02 0,99 0,98 An indicator of Responsibility. With our Safety and Environment Indicator, we make it easy for you to identify products that give something back: to the people who produce them and to the environment. Keep an eye out for it. Climate-neutral transport All goods in this catalogue are transported in a climate-neutral manner. All C02, which Is produced during transport, is compensated by our Partner myclimate. myclimate is non-profit, science-oriented organization and committed worldwide for climate protection through Education, Consulting and Compensation of greenhouse gas emissions in high-quality clima- te protection projects in more than 27 countries. www.myclimate.org/de Recycled packaging & recycled material Product material – we use where it is feasible in terms of production technology and economic feasible, materials based made of renewable resources such as bio-plastics (grain mate- rial, wheat plastic), natural Biomaterials such as bamboo as well recycled materials such as PET and rechargeable or renewable technologies. Like Solar or Dynamo and design the articles as recycling-optimized as possible. Tested quality & certified compliance As our customer, you want to be sure that you buy the right quality. You want to comply with the legal regulations, the safety standards. And of course, meeting the requirements of your customers – we want that too. For this purpose, already within the production process all regulations are taken into concern. (see grey box below) Compliance with social obligations We and our contractual partners pay great attention on correct working conditions NO child labour, a fair remuneration above the statutory minimum wages and insured employees. For us, taking responsibility means personal control along the entire supply chain with our own teams on site. We are also a member of amfori. www.amfori.org Climate-neutral Printing + German production The entire electricity of the German plant (printing, packaging and the production) is supplied by LichtBlick and is 100% green electricity. We brand your logo ONLY with electricity from renewable sources, no climate- damaging C0 2 is involved. Zertifizierte Einhaltung der Anforderungen aus der REACH Ver- ordnung. Einhaltung der neuen RoHS2 Richtlinie. Unsere Produkte sind lebens- mittelecht und können ohne Bedenken im direkten Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln verwendet werden. Unsere Spielwaren-Pro- dukte entsprechen der europäischen Norm für Sicherheitsbestimmungen. Geprüfte CE Konformität unserer relevanten Produkte. Unsere Feuerzeuge ent- sprechen der internatio- nalen Norm im Hinblick auf ein vernünftiges Sicherheitsniveau. Unsere Produkte sind frei von Phthalaten (Weich- machern), Kadmium und AZO-Farbstoffen. Vergabe eindeuti- ger internationaler Artikelnummern. Zertifizierte fachge- rechte Entsorgung von Elektroabfällen. Lizensiert und regis- triert gem. neuem Verpackungsgesetz VerpackG ab 1.1.2019 Lizenziert und registriert gem. §3 Batteriegesetz Batterierücknah- meverpflichtung und Gerätebatte- rieentsorgung inkl. Lithium-Ionen und Polymerbatterien. Plant a tree – save the planet 4 Inhalt